Cooling Tower: Maintenance Tips for Fan Shaft Bearings

The cooling tower is an important device designed to reject heat from a commercial or industrial building and to the atmosphere. Basically, this system uses cooled water to absorb the excess heat and then, the heat is emitted through evaporation. This is an effective cooling system, and it can be highly beneficial in the cooling operations in your premises. You can install the cooling tower as part of your HVAC system or utilise it in cooling important plant machinery.

Different Types of Solar Panels You Can Choose For Your Home

The benefits of solar energy in your home are undeniable. Not only can you use this energy to ensure a constant supply of hot water around the house, but you can also harness it for powering appliances too. This can greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on paying for both electricity and heating. Generally, there are two main categories of solar collectors that you can opt for. These are the electric collectors that convert the solar energy into electricity, and the thermal collectors that convert solar energy into heat.