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Critical Considerations Before Buying and Installing Water Heating Solar Panels

The main reason residential households in Australia are installing water heating solar panels in large numbers is high electricity bills. Notably, heating water using solar panels is a cheaper, efficient, and reliable option. However, installing water heating panels is not as straightforward as most homeowners would like to imagine. The reason is that the efficiency of solar panels and an entire water heating system hinges on a few factors.

Here are critical considerations when purchasing water heating solar panels.

Water Source

Water is either hard or soft depending on the amount of dissolved minerals. Hard water contains more minerals than soft water, which explains why the latter lathers easily. Thus, water type also determines the kind of solar heating panels to install. For instance, direct heating solar panels suit soft water better because there are no salts to clog the piping. However, if you are looking for solar panels to heat hard water, choose models with indirect heating. Notably, indirect heating solar panels heat a fluid then transfer the energy to a water reservoir. It prevents blockages and corrosion within the piping, increasing a panel's service life. Therefore, before buying a solar panel heating system, establish the mineral content of your water.

System Efficiency

The efficiency of solar water panels partly depends on plumbing. Unfortunately, some plumbers get it wrong primarily because they do not understand the two-way plumbing systems used on solar water heating systems. A two-way plumbing mechanism allows hot and cold water to be directed to specific areas of a house. For instance, hot water is primarily needed in a bathroom, while cold water is necessary for doing laundry and kitchen chores. So if you install the system incorrectly, you might end up with hot water in your kitchen. Sadly, it results in wastage of heated water, increasing the number of times you heat and pump water. Always engage a plumber who understands solar heating plumbing designs for optimal performance.

Roof Orientation

You might not know it, but your home's geographical positioning plays a significant role in the effectiveness of water heating solar panels. Ideally, the solar heater within a panel must collect as much of the sun's heat as possible. Therefore, you must ensure that solar panels and collection tanks are installed on a roof section that receives maximum sunlight during the day. For example, in Australia, solar panels produce higher yields when installed facing north because of the sun's position. It will help you enjoy hot water most times of the day.