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3 Key Factors to Consider Before A Solar System Installation

When it comes to solar system installation, there are certain factors you ought to bear in mind. Since solar panels are a large investment, you need to make the appropriate calculations to ensure you get the value for your money. It is advisable to consult an expert on all the aspects and factors affecting the solar installation. Here are some of the key factors you need to consider before installing solar panels.

Amount of Energy Required To Power Your Home

The power consumption of each household will differ depending on the electric gadgets being used and the number of people living in the house. If your home has a low power capacity, you should buy fewer panels. It is important that you are familiar with the electricity consumption of your household since this will help you determine the right number of panels.

The size of a solar system is dependent on insulation and the amount of energy needed. You should track your electricity bills to calculate the amount of energy you consume in a day. These calculations will enable you to determine the right amount of energy required to power your house.

Condition of Your Roof

You need to schedule a roof inspection before installing solar panels. Since solar panels are mounted on the roof, they will definitely add more weight to the roof. Depending on how many panels will be required, this weight can be considerable. Modern homes have a strong roof and are capable of handling the extra weight of solar panels. However, older houses will have to be inspected to check the construction and condition of the roof.

Some solar panel installation services offer free roof inspection. Usually, your roof will be inspected for rot, infestation, and damage. Older roofs are subject to wood-worm, which reduces the strength of the roof supports. Older roofs may also need struts installed to make them stronger.


Solar panels do not have moving parts. Therefore, when they are installed, they are not likely to get spoiled. However, you need to keep them clean. Too much dust, snow, or bird droppings on top of the panels will effectively inhibit the amount of sunlight. For example, when dust accumulates on the screen, the panels won't be able to generate as much electricity.

You do not have to clean the panels weekly. It is enough to water your panels using a hose a few times in a year. You do not have to climb the roof; you can clean the panels from the ground. Regular cleaning may be necessary if there is construction work in your area. Do not forget to check that all the parts are working and that the batteries have been replaced. You need to enquire from your solar panel provider how to maintain your solar panels after installation.