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Cooling Tower: Maintenance Tips for Fan Shaft Bearings

The cooling tower is an important device designed to reject heat from a commercial or industrial building and to the atmosphere. Basically, this system uses cooled water to absorb the excess heat and then, the heat is emitted through evaporation. This is an effective cooling system, and it can be highly beneficial in the cooling operations in your premises. You can install the cooling tower as part of your HVAC system or utilise it in cooling important plant machinery.

If you choose to purchase and erect the cooling tower, you will need to perform regular maintenance in order to promote continued high quality performance. One of the important components to consider in a servicing schedule is the fan. This is designed to improve air movement and consequently, promote fast evaporation. The shaft bearings are responsible for the continuous motion, so they should be the focus of the maintenance. Here are simple tips on caring for fan shaft bearings.

Grease Before Shut-Down

The cooling tower is a valuable system but in some cases, it will not be required throughout the year. For example, if the heat rejection device is designed to work with the AC system, you will need to shut it down during the winter season. This will ensure that energy and financial resources are not wasted unnecessarily. If you are ready to temporarily shut down the cooling tower, you should grease the fan shaft bearings.

The fresh lubricant will prevent the bearings from sticking together and freezing up. The old grease will have gathered impurities, which means that the risk of the mentioned detriments is high. Ideally, when lubricating, the old grease should be completely purged from the bearings. This can be done by steadily adding fresh lubricant into the bearings until there is a new bead of the grease at the bearing seal.

Refill the Bearing Sleeves

When you are starting up again, you will still need to perform the greasing process. This will restore the efficient movement of the cooling tower fans after periods of disuse. In addition, it is important to refill the bearing oil cup with oil such that the sleeve that holds the bearings is saturated and sleek. The task will promote better performance and prevent accelerated wear.

Choose the Right Lubricants

You should purchase the lubricants recommended by your cooling tower manufacturer or supplier, such as Cooling Tower Sales & Service Pty Ltd. The grease should be industrial-grade and designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, choose mineral oil without detergents for the refilling task; corrosive chemicals can corrode the sleeve and cause failure.