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Different Types of Solar Panels You Can Choose For Your Home

The benefits of solar energy in your home are undeniable. Not only can you use this energy to ensure a constant supply of hot water around the house, but you can also harness it for powering appliances too. This can greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on paying for both electricity and heating. Generally, there are two main categories of solar collectors that you can opt for. These are the electric collectors that convert the solar energy into electricity, and the thermal collectors that convert solar energy into heat. Typically, these will be installed on the roof of your residence but can also be mounted in the ground or on poles. Here are some of the different types of solar panels that you can choose for your home.

Electric solar panels

Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics Modules

These are the most common electric solar panels found in the market. They are made of of silicon crystal wafers that have both a positive and negative electron. When exposed to sunlight, an electric current runs from the front of the wafer to the back, thus distributing an electric current from one module to the next.

Thin film laminates

As the name suggests, these semi-conductor layers are laid on different substrates. The substrates can be made from glass or other types of backings. If glass is the material protecting the semi-conductor, the solar panel is referred to as a module. On the other hand, if a different flexible cover is used for protection, the solar panel is referred to as a laminate. Thin film laminate are not a popular option for solar panels, as they require much more roof space to generate energy. If you would like to use them on your residence, you may want to consider having them installed as solar shingles on your roof.

Thermal solar panels

Flat plate solar collectors

These appear as rectangular enclosures that have a glass top. A blackened absorber is located inside the enclosure comprising of passages through which the water is drawn in and out of as it is heated by the sun. The heated water then flows back into the residence for the various domestic uses.

Unglazed solar collectors

This solar collector comprises of an extruded black polymer that has been fashioned into a series of tubes. The water that needs to be heated is pumped through these tubes. Generally, this type of solar collector is best for applications that do not require high temperatures, such as heating swimming pools.

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